Banking in Gambia

Before arriving in Gambia, Lamin had gotten a TIN for me: a Gambian tax ID. While there, we went to the bank with the TIN to open an account, so I could pay the teacher salaries, and more urgently so I could make the loan of 30,000 dalasi for the women’s tie dye business. After the trip, I made a test bank transfer. I transferred 80€(+12€ that my bank charged). Lamin told me 18€ had arrived. I couldn’t believe it! 92€ turned into 18€. Apparently there were a few intermediary banks, each took a cut. Hmm, I then tried another bank. Finally, after a month, I had the 30,000 dalasi to give to the women. I gave them 2 options: 10 months payback at 10% or 5 month’s payback at 5%. They chose the first. Interestingly, they will pay back 3000 dalasi per month, exactly what I will be paying the teachers.

Three months later I’m still waiting for internet bank user/pswd